B15 Flicker Flame Candle Lamp - 240v Globe
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The 1.5w B15 Flicker Flame Candle Lamp is commonly used in decorative light fixtures, namely chandeliers.  These globes have a B15 (Small Bayonet Cap) 240v base.

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The 1.5w B15 Flicker Flame Candle Lamp is commonly used in decorative light fixtures, namely chandeliers.  These globes have a B15 (Small Bayonet Cap) 240v base.

The 1.5w B15 Flicker Flame Candle Lamp has the following product features:

  • Glass Colour - Clear.
  • Power Consumption - 1.5w.
  • Base - B15 (Small Bayonet Cap).
  • Lamp Colour - Orange.
  • Beam Spread - N/A.
  • Dimming - No.
  • Average Life - 1,000Hours.
  • Input - 240v.
  • Dimensions:
    • Diameter - 35mm.
    • Length - 100mm.
  • ASA: Australian Standards Approved.
  • Condition: Brand new in manufacturer's packaging.
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This product is offered with a "Dead On Arrival" warranty.  If found D.O.A. the product shall be replaced, otherwise, there is no warranty on globes.

All items warranty are covered by MICA Lighting, therefore should you have any trouble with your item, you only need to contact us.   MICA Lighting, shall look after the warranty for you.  Please use our "Contact Us" form and we shall attend to your requirements promptly.

*Please Note1: Warranties are deemed void: 

  • If not installed by a licenced electrician (DIY products exempt), and / or
  • If the product has been modified or tampered with in any way. 

*Please Note2: These Warranty Conditions should be read in conjunction with our Standard Terms and Conditions.

Incandescent Globes:  This type of globe produces light by heating a filament wire to a high temperature until it glows.  The hot filament is protected from oxidation in the air with a glass enclosure that is filled with inert gas or evacuated.  The incandescent light bulbs are manufactured in a wide range of sizes, shapes, wattages and base cap types, which allows them to be widely used in both domestic and commercial environments.

Incandescent bulbs are less efficient than several other modern types of light bulbs, with most varieties converting less than 10% of the energy they use into visible light (with the remaining energy being converted into heat). Some applications of the incandescent bulb deliberately use the heat generated by the filament. Such applications include incubators, brooding boxes for poultry, heat lights for reptile tanks, infrared heating for industrial heating and drying, etc.

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