Fans are fundamental if you want to stay comfortable all year round.  They are designed to produce airflow, particularly for cooling in the Summer months.  Some people also use fans to aid heating.  Fans are an inexpensive and energy efficient way to achieve this.

At MICA Lighting we have a range of fans that incorporate both bathroom fans and ceiling fans.  Our ceiling fans are available with a number of blades, depending on your preference.  The fans you purchase from MICA Lighting are quiet sounding and the latest designs.  They come in a range of colours, materials and other features to compliment all styles and decors.

  1. Bathroom Fans & Heaters
    Bathroom Fans & Heaters

    Looking for bathroom heaters and bathroom fans? At Mica Lighting, you’ll surely find something that will satisfy your needs. From our all-inclusive Andromeda and Supernova heaters with inbuilt exhaust fans to our simpler yet stylish Whisper and Sarico…. View products

  2. Ceiling Fans
    Ceiling Fans

    Your room décor can’t be complete without the right kind of ceiling fans, and we have one that would certainly suit your style. From our nickel framed Chinook to our white coloured Tempo ceiling fans, we have all types of fans. Whether you want…. View products

  3. Ceiling Fan Accessories
    Ceiling Fan Accessories

    Let’s face it – installing a ceiling fan isn’t the most fun thing you can imagine. You would need a lot of tools and accessories to install a ceiling fan, but don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. At Mica Lighting, you&rsq…. View products