LED Lighting

LED Lighting

Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are considerably more efficient and longer-lasting than halogen and compact fluorescent globes, and therefore consumers are seeking a variety of LED lighting options for their homes and work-places.

At MICA Lighting we have an extensive range of Indoor LED Lights.  These include:  LED Cabinet & Ribbon Strip Lights, LED Desk and Floor Lamps, LED Ceiling Lights, LED Wall Lights, LED Spotlights, LED Globes & Tubes and the very popular LED Downlights. 

  • LED Cabinet & Strip Lights

    LED Cabinet & Strip Lights

    Illuminate your kitchen and bathroom cabinets with our LED cabinet lights. When it comes to affordable and high-quality LED strip lights and cabinet lights, we are the number one choice for many. Cabinet lights don’t just look great, but they also hel…. view products

  • LED Desk & Floor Lamps

    LED Desk & Floor Lamps

    When you wants style, brightness, and power saving, you need LED lamps. At Mica Lighting, you’ll find LED desk lamps in all colours and styles. From floor lamps to LED desk clamp lamps, we have various LED lighting solutions. We have sophisticated as …. view products

  • LED Downlights

    LED Downlights

    LED downlights are the perfect option for homes and offices. At Mica Lighting, we provide LED lighting solutions that don’t just look great, but also save electricity. We have LED downlights in different shapes and sizes. And if you’re looking f…. view products

  • LED Flood Lights

    LED Flood Lights

    Looking for durable lights with a high lumen output? Check out our range of LED floodlights at Mica Lighting. Made from non-corrosive materials, they can withstand the harsh effects of weather. Our LED floodlights are created using high quality stainless st…. view products

  • LED Garden Lights

    LED Garden Lights

    There is no reason for your roses and orchids to appear dull during the night. With LED garden lights from Mica Lighting, you can make sure that your garden stays bright and full of life, even in the night time. Since your garden is beautiful, you must be l…. view products

  • LED Inground / Deck Lights

    LED Inground / Deck Lights

    Update your indoor and outdoor décor with our LED inground lights and LED deck lights. These lights can be installed in the ground and give a soft glow that looks great and illuminates the deck and pool area. Made of non-corrosive materials, our LED …. view products

  • LED Panel Lights

    LED Panel Lights

    LED panel lights give a professional look, and this is why they are so popular in offices and other commercial places. While they can also be used in homes, they are mostly used in larger spaces where they can be installed inside the ceiling. They are known…. view products

  • LED Pendant Lights & CTC

    LED Pendant Lights & CTC

    Whether you’re looking for stylish pendant lights or LED CTC lights for low ceilings, you’ll get the perfect match here at Mica Lighting. We have the right ceiling lights for all kinds of homes and offices. If you’re looking for LED pendan…. view products

  • LED Spotlights

    LED Spotlights

    If you are looking for spectacular LED spotlights that will not just focus light on something, but also grab attention with their superb looks, try our Tolosa range in chrome finish. And if white is your colour, you would fall in love with our Burton collec…. view products

  • LED Wall Lights - Indoor

    LED Wall Lights - Indoor

    Bring life to your living room, bathroom, and hallway with LED indoor wall lights from Mica Lighting. With our wall scones and wall lights, you can give even dull walls a unique and creative look. From traditional English style to more modern minimalist typ…. view products

  • LED Wall Lights - Outdoor

    LED Wall Lights - Outdoor

    When you buy LED outdoor wall lights, make sure you buy durable ones that can sustain the corrosive effects of the environment. At Mica Lighting, our LED outdoor wall lights are made with robust materials that can bear the seasonal corrosion plus the extra …. view products

  • LED Tubes, Globes & Bulbs

    LED Tubes, Globes & Bulbs

    Looking for ways to save power? Have you tried switching to LED? By using LED tubes, LED lamps, LED bulbs, and LED globes, you can get the same brightness as traditional lighting sources, but with far less power consumption. And that’s not the only re…. view products

  • LED Transformers & Drivers

    LED Transformers & Drivers

    Looking for LED lights? Make sure you have the right LED transformers and LED drivers to convert the standard 240V power to the right input as required. All these LED transformers and LED drivers will maintain a constant voltage to make sure that your light…. view products

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