At MICA Lighting we have a range of accessories that will help to complete your lighting requirements.  Adaptors, conversion plates, downlight frames,downlight covers, light globes and bulbs, transformers, sensors and lamp shades are just to name a few.

The range of lighting accessories at MICA Lighting is very extensive and detailed, as to cater for every consumers aesthetics.

  1. Adaptor & Conversion Plates
    Adaptor & Conversion Plates

    Want to transform your household recessed lights to pendant lights? We have adaptors and conversion plates to help you convert your lighting solutions in no time. At our store, you’ll find adaptors and conversion plates in different colours and design…. View products

  2. Cables For Lighting
    Cables For Lighting

    If you’re looking for lights for your home or office, we have everything you need, including lights and accessories. Our cables are made from high quality materials to make sure that they are safe for use. Whether you’re looking for two core or …. View products

  3. Canopies & Ceiling Pans
    Canopies & Ceiling Pans

    Looking for canopies and canopy brackets? We have got everything right here at Mica Lighting. Our canopies and ceiling pans are made to last for several years. Whether you want a 100mm canopy or a 120mm one, or if you’re looking for a canopy bracket t…. View products

  4. Chandelier Hoist / Winch
    Chandelier Hoist / Winch

    Our range of electric chandelier hoists come complete with remote control.  This is the perfect accessory offering safe and trouble free access for a chandelier that is highly placed or over sized.  Simply lower the chandelier via the wireless rem…. View products

  5. Cord Grips & Accessories
    Cord Grips & Accessories

    Everyone wants their cords to be carefully sorted while installing lights. And this is why we offer cord grips and other accessories at Mica Lighting. We have different styles of cord grips for different functions. Available in plastic as well as metal, our…. View products

  6. Dimmer Switches
    Dimmer Switches

    Bright lights are good for reading, while dim lights are used at the night time for sleeping. Most people have to install two different types of lights for different applications. However, with dimmer switches, you can adjust the brightness of any light and…. View products

  7. Downlights - Frame Only
    Downlights - Frame Only

    Have you installed downlights in your home or office? These days, downlights have become really popular and can be found in all offices and homes. And they are easy to replace as well. However, what about downlight frames? If they have started to wear out a…. View products

  8. Downlight Covers
    Downlight Covers

    We have different types of fire safe downlight covers that can be used with halogen lights. These are available in various shapes and sizes. If you want something to be set in concrete, try our Set-In Concrete Downlight Can that needs to be used while pouri…. View products

  9. Globes & Bulbs
    Globes & Bulbs

    At Mica Lighting, we’ve got globes and bulbs for different purposes. Whether you’re looking for CFL lamps for your room, halogen lamps for the garden light, or a microwave globe to be fitted inside your oven, we have everything you need. We also…. View products

  10. Hooks For Lighting
    Hooks For Lighting

    Make the installation of pendant and suspension lights super easy with our hooks for lighting. Just install one of these hooks from Mica Lighting, and you can easily hang a pendant light from them. Whether you’re planning to hire an electrician to ins…. View products

  11. Lamp Holders & Accessories
    Lamp Holders & Accessories

    Before you could install beautiful lights in your home, you would need the right kind of lamp holders. We have different types of lamp holders along with the accessories required to install them. In our store, you’ll find lamp holders in plastic as we…. View products

  12. Sensors

    Motion detection is a revolutionary concept and can be used for several purposes. If you have an office with a waiting room and want to save electricity, you can use lights operated by motion detection sensors. This way, when your waiting room is empty, the…. View products

  13. Shades - Fabric
    Shades - Fabric

    Table lamps are great accessories that can enhance the look of your interior décor. And the main thing that makes them so beautiful is their shades. We have different types of fabric shades for table lamps. Whether you’re looking for pleated fa…. View products

  14. Shades - Glass
    Shades - Glass

    Lamps and pendant chandeliers have beautiful glass shades that are very delicate. Whether you want to get new glass shades because some of the old ones got broken or whether you’re planning to change the look of your chandelier, we’ve got you co…. View products

  15. Shades - Metal
    Shades - Metal

    If you’re redecorating your warehouse or office, and are looking for shades that are affordable and robust, you would love our metal shades. At Mica Lighting, you’ll find metal shades in several colours, sizes, and designs. Made from aluminium a…. View products

  16. Solid Brass Componentary
    Solid Brass Componentary

    We have a comprehensive range of solid brass components for your lighting fixtures. Whether you’re looking for brass componentry for pendant chandelier lights or other lighting fixtures, you’ll find them here at Mica Lighting. We have batten cov…. View products

  17. Starters

    Starters are used for fluorescent lighting and they allow the current to go through the tube filaments. Without these starters, your fluorescent lighting tubes will not work. If your fluorescent starter has stopped working, you can always order a new one fr…. View products

  18. Suspension Lighting Kits
    Suspension Lighting Kits

    Suspension lights are a great way to add class and style to your home or office. However, you would need a suspension lighting kit to install the light. At Mica Lighting, we have different types of suspension lighting kits to suit different types of lightin…. View products

  19. Terminal & Junction Boxes
    Terminal & Junction Boxes

    You can use terminals and junction boxes to connect cables for several purposes. You might want to add a socket or lighting point, or to extend a circuit. Junction boxes and terminals also make the task of cable repair much easier. Whatever your reason is, …. View products

  20. Threaded Rods & Accessories
    Threaded Rods & Accessories

    Need something to attach lamp holders to the body of a lighting? We have a range of threaded rods and related accessories for you at Mica Lighting. When you buy one of our hollow threaded rods, don’t forget to buy other accessories such as the grommet…. View products

  21. Transformers

    You know transformers – those little boxes that sit between electric devices and power sockets. They convert the light from the main power source to the right format required by your lighting device. At Mica Lighting, we have all the transformers requ…. View products