Ceiling Lights

Ceiling Lights

Ceiling lights are fundamental for any room as they are the main source of lighting.  They serve the purpose of task lighting, general lighting and accent lighting.  There are a range of ceiling lights available at MICA Lighting that include: LED lights, pendants and chandeliers, batten fix or close-to-ceiling lights, fluorescent lights, oyster lights, spotlights, downlights, track lights, trapeze lights and even billiard table lights.

Depending on your own personal preferences, your choice in ceiling lights can be quite simple and unobtrusive in appearance, for example with the common downlight, or it can be quite elaborate in appearance, for example with a pendant or chandelier.  Choosing the right ceiling light will not only give you the right output of light, but also exhibit your own personal style.

  1. Batten Fix Lights (D.I.Y)
    Batten Fix Lights (D.I.Y)

    Check out our collection of DIY batten fixed lights here at Mica Lighting. We have batten lights in different shapes, sizes, and materials, and you’ll certainly find something that will suit your interior décor. You might be looking for a conte…. View products

  2. Cabinet & LED Strip Lights
    Cabinet & LED Strip Lights

    With Mica Lighting, you can get different cabinet lighting solutions to suit your taste. We offer these lights in different shapes, sizes, and colours; and you can take your pick accordingly. Whether you want the stylish and minimalist white round lights or…. View products

  3. Downlights

    Planning light installations for your living room? Make sure you give a thought to LED downlights. These lights are power savers that cast a soft glow and don’t create shadows. Whether you’re looking for soft lighting in the dining area or roman…. View products

  4. LED Panel / Batten Lights
    LED Panel / Batten Lights

    With LED panel lights, you can find a low-cost solution to all your commercial lighting solutions. These lights can be recessed to the ceiling and they provide bright yet anti-glare light that covers a large part. Whether you want lights for warehouses, off…. View products

  5. Pendants & Chandeliers
    Pendants & Chandeliers

    Nothing speaks ‘class’ as much as pendants and chandeliers. People always install a chandelier or other pendant lights in their home to add sophistication. And these lights are known as luxury lights. The good thing is that now you can buy them …. View products

  6. Pendants - Linear Bench Lights
    Pendants - Linear Bench Lights

    Kitchens are considered to be the heart of our homes.It’s hard enough coming up with a design you know will work in the space you have allocated for your kitchen.If you don’t get the lighting right, however, you’re likely to seriously regr…. View products

  7. Pendants - Cluster Lights
    Pendants - Cluster Lights

    Mica Lighting are well known within our industry for innovation and great value for money products. Our cluster lights provide everyday Australians the luxury of having their homes look like a million dollars, but are still affordable due to the volumes we …. View products

  8. Pendants - Spider Lights
    Pendants - Spider Lights

    The spider chandelier has a clean modern industrial look and will be the talking point of any room. Spider chandeliers are very fashionable at the present time. Today's popular decor uses include dining room lighting and kitchen hanging lights or in commerc…. View products

  9. Semi-Flush / Oyster Lights
    Semi-Flush / Oyster Lights

    If your ceiling is at a low height, you would love our CTC lights. These close to ceiling lights hang near the ceiling – and thus the name. However, just because you have a low ceiling does not mean that you have to compromise on style. Our CTC lights…. View products

  10. Spotlights

    Whether it’s a diva moment for a photo shoot or a strong focus on that trophy you won years ago, our spotlights will make sure that your biggest achievement shine the brightest. At Mica Lighting, you’ll find all types of spotlights – from …. View products

  11. Track Lights
    Track Lights

    Ideal for museums, art exhibitions, and photo shoots, our track lights are made to highlight special items that need to shine out. You can also use these track lights in restaurants and hotels to highlight special décor items. When you have something…. View products

  12. Trapeze Lights
    Trapeze Lights

    Trapeze lights give you enough versatility to modify the look of your showroom with the minimum effort. Place your products at different locations, and just change the position of lighting. Visit our collection of different types of fixtures for trapeze lig…. View products

  13. Emergency & Exit Lights
    Emergency & Exit Lights

    You need to install emergency lights and exit lights in your commercial space to comply with the local laws. But that’s not the only reason to get these lights. Exit lights are helpful in emergency situations and help people leave the building as soon…. View products

  14. Hi Bay & Low Bay Lights
    Hi Bay & Low Bay Lights

    At Mica Lighting, we have hi bay lights and low bay lights to make sure that your space stays safe and illuminated. High bay lights are installed in high areas and offer an even beam of light for a large space. Low bay lights are similar but need a low…. View products