Indoor Wall Lights

Indoor Wall Lights

MICA Lighting has a collection of indoor wall lights to suit any decor, from modern/contemporary to traditional and solid brass.  Our range of wall lights include picture lights, recessed wall lights, vanity lights, spotlights, wall brackets and wall sconces.  Indoor wall lights are functional in that they provide general and accent lighting, and they are also decorative and evoke style and ambience to your home or office.

View our extensive range of 100's of interior wall light options, which caters for every application.

  1. Recessed Wall Light
    Recessed Wall Light

    Give your home or office a clear look with recessed wall lights. These recessed lights are embedded inside the wall, and offer a streamlined look to any space. When you have these lights in your walls, there is no need to install exterior lights. Since they…. View products

  2. Spotlights

    Lights, camera, action! When you have spotlights from Mica Lighting installed in your home, you’ll always feel like a star. Spot lighting allows you to highlight certain parts of your home or showroom. These spot lights can be used for several purpose…. View products

  3. Wall Bracket Lights
    Wall Bracket Lights

    Give an extra touch of class to your living room with these wall bracket lights. Our wall lights come in all styles and shapes, and are designed to accentuate the looks of your living space. From Victorian style Angelique wall lights to the minimalist Bacal…. View products

  4. Wall Flush Sconce Lights
    Wall Flush Sconce Lights

    Your lighting décor is incomplete without wall sconces. Scone lighting is something that you’ll find in all modern homes. We have a wide range of scones that will suit all types of interiors. Want something modern? Try the Pebble Plaster or Flu…. View products