Outdoor Lights

Outdoor Lights

The outdoor environment is just as important as the indoors when it comes to lighting.  Outdoor lighting is crucial to prevent accidents outside of the home of a night time and it can act as a security measure, to deter intruders that welcome the dark.  For visitors, outdoor path lighting can firstly be warm and welcoming, and it can then provide some excellent lighting for entertaining on the deck, balcony, alfresco or around the BBQ.  Light up your favourite outdoor plants, trees, ornaments or other features by using spotlights to really accentuate your surroundings.

At MICA Lighting we have an extensive range of outdoor lights to suit many purposes.  Choose from deck lights, flood lights, garden lights, post and bollard lights and exterior wall lights.  Our range is available in various colours and materials and aims to suit every style.

  1. In Ground / Deck Lights
    In Ground / Deck Lights

    Create the right atmosphere with our in ground and deck lights. Install them in your patio or deck to give a great look to your exteriors. Our LED lights are easy to install and save electricity. Let your outdoors have a warm and welcoming touch with our de…. View products

  2. Flood Lights
    Flood Lights

    Make your outdoors more safe and secure with floodlights from Mica Lighting. Our lights combine performance with great looks, and offer a lot of versatility for the exterior home space. The floodlights in our collection will make sure that every little thin…. View products

  3. Garden / Spike Lights
    Garden / Spike Lights

    Make your garden even more attractive with garden lights from Mica Lighting. Our spike lights are durable and are designed to withstand different weathers. Try our halogen lights to brighten up even the darkest spots. Your garden looks colourful and attract…. View products

  4. Pillar Mount Lights
    Pillar Mount Lights

    Add a vintage charm to your garden or front yard using our pillar mount lights. With these lights, you can keep the darkness away. And when your home and its surroundings are well-lit, there will be a low risk of thieves and burglars. Besides providing a sa…. View products

  5. Post & Bollard Lights
    Post & Bollard Lights

    With our post and bollard lights, you’ll have excellent lighting options for your garden, lawn, and backyard. While our Albany and Elsternwick lights will take you back to the old English era with the rustic country charm, our Bravo and Benton collect…. View products

  6. Solar LED Lights
    Solar LED Lights

    A solar light is a lighting system composed of a LED lamp, solar panels and battery to store the sun's power. The lamp operates on electricity from batteries, charged through the use of solar panel. Solar-powered household lighting are free to run as they g…. View products

  7. Under Eave Lights
    Under Eave Lights

    Use our under eave lights and give a new look to your porch and patio. These lights from Mica Lighting are a space-saving way of making your outdoor area look great. Light up those dull moments with under eave lights that will keep you company as you sit ou…. View products

  8. Wall Lights
    Wall Lights

    Whether you’re looking for wall lights for your living room or bedrooms, we have the right match for your home. Check out our futuristic Wedge, Atrium, and Arris wall lights that will give a modern look to your living space. And if your style is a lit…. View products