Best Price Guarantee @ MICA Lighting
Best Price Guarantee @ MICA Lighting
Always The Lowest Price @ MICA Lighting


At Mica Lighting, we try our best to deliver the lowest prices to our loyal customers. But sometimes you may come across a price we haven’t seen before - so let us know before placing your order, and we will guarantee a better offer by 5%.*
Our guarantee applies online and in our showroom. So when you visit our store be sure to bring proof of the cheaper promotion you found, so we can price match it on the spot.
When price matching online, the total price delivered to your door will be factored in. As will availability. If it is not in stock, price matches do not apply. Therefore, the total invoice price of an identical item delivered to you will be price matched.
Best Price Exclusions @ MICA Lighting


*Our Best Price Guarantee, must be read subject to these terms and conditions.

To be eligible for the Best Price Guarantee, all required fields in the Price Beat Guarantee form must be completed. The competitor’s identical product, must be produced by the same manufacturer and of identical quality and design. The identical product must be at a lower price, including all additional fees (eg. Taxes, postage, handling charges, etc.).


Our Best Price Guarantee does not apply, where:

· the lower price is conditional, or where the price is determined after an allowance of a certain amount is applied (eg. rebates, finance promotions, cash back offer, free or bonus offer, trade discount, stock clearance, or any limited quantity promotion); or

· the lower price is below our cost price; or

· the delivery cost has not been factored into the total lower price; or

· the lower price is not available to the general public; or

· the identical product is advertised as a parallel import, fire or liquidation sales, and clearance outlets; or

· the lower price has been discounted by the competitor by use of coupons, loyalty rewards, and other offers or incentives to reduce the total cost; or

· the lower price has been discounted by the competitor on the basis that the product is a display stock only, end of line, ex demo, limited quantity, clearance, second hand or similar; or

· the lower price is the result of an error by the competitor; or

· is unable to verify, using reasonable means, that the lower price or the advertised product is available for purchase.


Our Best Price Guarantee may be terminated or amended at any time without notice.

Our Best Price Guarantee is subject to you complying with the usual terms and conditions of trade.