How Best Price Guarantee works ...

It's simple


  • Find a cheaper price on any advertised item, from any Australian seller.
  • Items that qualify for this promotion are marked as "Usually dispatched Next Business Day".
  • Fill in the "Price Beat Form" located on our product pages, or come visit us in our Melbourne showroom.
  • We will confirm the competitors offering, that it is infact the same item.
  • Once it's confirmed, we will match the competitor price + an extra 5% off, just for letting us know.

What's excluded


  • Where the lower price is conditional, or where the price is determined after an allowance of a certain amount is applied (eg. rebates, finance promotions, cash back offer, free or bonus offer, trade discount, stock clearance, or any limited quantity promotion); or
  • Where the lower price is below our cost price; or
  • Where the delivery cost has not been factored into the total lower price; or
  • Where the lower price is not available to the general public; or
  • Where the identical product is advertised as a parallel import, fire or liquidation sales, and clearance outlets; or
  • Where the lower price has been discounted by the competitor by use of coupons, loyalty rewards, and other offers or incentives to reduce the total cost; or
  • Where the lower price has been discounted by the competitor on the basis that the product is a display stock only, end of line, ex demo, limited quantity, clearance, second hand or similar; or
  • Where the lower price is the result of an error by the competitor; or
  • Where Mica Lighting is unable to verify, using reasonable means, that the lower price or the advertised product is available for purchase.

*Our Best Price Guarantee is subject to and to be read in conjunction with our standard terms and conditons.