Designer & Replica Lighting

Designer & Replica Lighting

Lighten your room with these replica lights made with modern and trendy styles. All our lights are replicas of lights designed by creative designers such as Jeremy Pyles and George Nelson. With our lights, you will not just beautify and decorate your interiors, but you can also give originality and life to an otherwise dull environment. Designer replica lighting systems can change the atmosphere of your room. At Mica Lighting, our designer and replica lights will help you improve your daily life by adding a little more brightness to it. Check out our collection to find high quality modern lights to make your home cosier and more beautiful.

  1. All Designers
    All Designers

    Designer lights can bring a different and unique atmosphere to a room. Are you looking for new ways to decorate your living space? From ceiling lamps to wall sconces and pendants to floor lamps, we have replica designer lighting in all forms to add more lif…. View products

  2. Marden Designer Lights
    Marden Designer Lights

    Whether you’re looking for something simple or intricate, you’ll find it all in our Marden designer lights collection. From simple Mooney pendants to stylish Amara lights, Mica Lighting has created a collection with the best pieces from Marden d…. View products

  3. Replica Ay Illuminate Lighting
    Replica Ay Illuminate Lighting

    From the Lita to Claudia and Meesha, our Replica Ay Illuminate designs are premium. Based in the Netherlands, Ay Illuminate designer lighting has changed the way people perceive indoor lighting. Their creative design team is always looking for new inspirati…. View products

  4. Replica Chelsom Lighting
    Replica Chelsom Lighting

    The Arlos range ticks all the right boxes.  The Replica Chelsom Lighting designs can not be surpassed with their quality and affordability.  Chelsom Lighting have been committed to the hospitality, marine and residential market for over 75 years.  Their …. View products

  5. Replica Dima Loginoff Lighting
    Replica Dima Loginoff Lighting

    You will be hit with Nostalgia when you see the Replica Dima Loginoff designer range, offered to you from Mica Lighting.  Dima Loginoff is a designer of modern meets retro styles, which he achieves with success.  Handblown glass meets colour and c…. View products

  6. Replica Chapman & Myers Lighting
    Replica Chapman & Myers Lighting

    Immerse yourself in a world of stunning interiors with Replica lighting inspired by Chapman and Myers.  Their collection infuses two styles – Chapman characteristically designs with classical principles, whereby Myers has a modern orientation.  The resu…. View products

  7. Replica Enzo Berti Lighting
    Replica Enzo Berti Lighting

    The Replica Enzo Berti designer lighting collection includes stylish pendant lights in a contemporary-traditional blended look. With a look borrowed by hats (and sombreros), this lighting collection is made from a mix of materials and it suits all lifestyle…. View products

  8. Replica George Nelson Lighting
    Replica George Nelson Lighting

    Whether it’s soft memory foam pendant light or eye-catching energy saving fixtures, Replica George Nelson designer lighting offers something for all tastes. His lights are stylish and easy on the eye. If you’re looking for soft lighting solution…. View products

  9. Replica Ian K Fowler Lighting
    Replica Ian K Fowler Lighting

    Ian K Fowler is a leading international designer that works extensively with Visual Comfort and Co. to create designs that are playful and intriguing. His designs have a modern edge, that marry function and aesthetics together successfully. Ian’s coll…. View products

  10. Replica Jason Miller Lighting
    Replica Jason Miller Lighting

    You might remember Jason Miller as the guy who designed the stylish Vogue electric logo. When it comes to style and sophistication, Jason Miller is an iconic name, and at Mica Lighting, we bring to you an enchanting Replica Jason Miller designer lighting co…. View products

  11. Replica Jeremy Pyles Lighting
    Replica Jeremy Pyles Lighting

    If you’ve heard about Jeremy Pyles, you must have heard about his Stamen collection that won all hearts in 2005. And if you too are a fan of the popular Stamen, we have something for you at Mica Lighting. Check out our Bella range that is a Replica Je…. View products

  12. Replica Lindsey Adelman Lighting
    Replica Lindsey Adelman Lighting

    Be captivated by the lighting designs of our Replica Lindsey Adelman.  Renown for her unique suspended chandeliers, such as the Agnus Pendant Light, Branching Bubble Ceiling Light and Marina Ceiling Lighting range.  Look no further for Replica Lin…. View products

  13. Replica Manuel Vivian Lighting
    Replica Manuel Vivian Lighting

    What do you get when you combine hand-blown glass, a splash of colour and a natural artistic flair?  A beautiful lighting range designed by the one and only Manuel Vivian.  His creative genius lies behind the “Spillray lighting range” …. View products

  14. Replica Marcel Wanders Lighting
    Replica Marcel Wanders Lighting

    Marcel Wanders is not a new name for art lovers. He designed several watches, chairs, and lighting fixtures. The Skygarden range of pendant lamps is famous for his classic signature style. At Mica Lighting, you’ll find Bounty lights, a Replica Skygard…. View products

  15. Replica Michael Anastassiades Lighting
    Replica Michael Anastassiades Lighting

    Combine the names FLOS and Michael Anastassiades and you create lighting brilliance. Michael Anastassiades is a leading industrial designer who is reknown for his lighting products, namely the IC Light Collection. Table lamps, Floor Lamps, Pendants and Wall…. View products

  16. Replica Omer Arbel Lighting
    Replica Omer Arbel Lighting

    Enter the bubbly world of Omer Arbel designer lighting – a place where creativity meets innovation. Our Replica Omer Arbel designer lighting collection is made with glass bubbles woven in various intricate patterns. Whether it’s the singular Ber…. View products

  17. Replica Raimond Puts Lighting
    Replica Raimond Puts Lighting

    With Raimond Moooi Puts designer lighting, you’ll find poetry coming to life. There’s a powerful lamp surrounded by several twinkling lights, which gives the effect of a starry night. If you want to escape to a lake and lay there in the night, y…. View products

  18. Replica Sebastian Herkner Lighting
    Replica Sebastian Herkner Lighting

    Sebastian Herkner will take your breath away with his stunning lighting designs.  German born Herkner is a leading world-wide designer that combines traditional craftsmanship with contemporary techniques.  The Replica Oda Pulpo collection is leadi…. View products

  19. Replica Seppo Koho Lighting
    Replica Seppo Koho Lighting

    Bring back the caged look in a modern avatar with Replica Seppo Koho designer lighting. These designs are made with wood and reflect a high quality of craftsmanship. Whether you want something stylish for your home or a cool look for your café or bar…. View products

  20. Replica Studio Job Lighting
    Replica Studio Job Lighting

    Blend the traditional hanging candelabra with modern technology and what do you get? Replica Studio Job’s designer lighting range. The lights in our collection have a timeless appeal that will give you that rustic appeal without being too overwhelming…. View products

  21. Replica Suzanne Kasler Lighting
    Replica Suzanne Kasler Lighting

    Here at Mica Lighting we showcase the Spence Wall Light that will impress and transform your homes interior as this range is a Replica Suzanne Kasler design. Everything that Suzanne Kasler designs is the epitome of classic styling.  Her designs are authent…. View products

  22. Replica Tom Dixon Lighting
    Replica Tom Dixon Lighting

    If you’re looking for a vast lighting collection with different and unique designs, you’ll be happy to see our range of Replica Tom Dixon designer lighting. These fixtures come in various shapes and sizes and will impress everyone who walks by. …. View products